Every Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant

Every Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant: If I told you it’s possible to invest just pennies on a tool for your real estate investing business that could offer you a rate of return worth hundreds or even thousands of times your total investment, you’d be on it like a commuter on a $2 gallon of gas, wouldn’t you? That’s the kind of lasting impact a virtual assistant can have on your real estate investing business, so if you haven’t jumped on board and begun capitalizing on the growth opportunities represented by this little-known resource it’s time you stepped out of the dark ages and embrace some of the perks of the new economy.

The term ‘virtual assistant’ carries a lot of mystique, but the concept isn’t new – but the delivery device is. Personal assistants have been around for years and that’s essentially what a virtual assistant is: a person that helps to make your life easier. The virtual part comes in when you factor in the power of the Internet and all of the varying time zones in the world. Your assistant can work remotely from anywhere in the world to help you build your real estate dynasty – even while you sleep.

Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant

You’ll invest some time in training your V.A. and bringing him or her up to speed on how you work, but the benefits will be almost immediate and ongoing. Literally, the gift that keeps on giving, the more time and effort you spend on training your virtual assistant in how to perform the various duties you want doing, the greater their value will be to you. Initially, you may only want your assistant doing a few things, but as time passes you’ll turn to your assistant for more and more as their knowledge increases. Here are some of the primary reasons to bring a virtual assistant into your investing world:

1. A virtual assistant is a good start to building your team. When you’re first getting started as a real estate investor you’ll need to begin building a team of providers in a variety of areas. Ultimately you’ll need accountants, attorneys, property managers, etc., but by beginning with a virtual assistant it will give you low-level exposure with how best to collaborate with others. As you define – and refine – the way you work with your virtual assistant it will help you to learn how to approach remote relationships with others who will be charging you considerably higher fees. Knowing what you’re doing will cost you much less in the long run.

2. A virtual assistant will increase your stature. Even though they’ll be working remotely your virtual assistant will have the ability to enhance your credibility with clients and others with which you interact. Depending upon the level of responsibility you give your assistant may be sending emails or even speaking with property owners on the telephone. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone service providers such as Vonage make someone half a world away as close as the nearest telephone. And they can have a local telephone number so nobody has to know!

3. A virtual assistant can reduce your stress level. Your workload will vary and the more work you have to get done the higher your blood pressure is likely to rise. If you’re beginning to feel like you can’t afford to die until you’re 110 because you’re simply too busy, it’s time you cut your workload and your stress. You really don’t enjoy answering an email from the wayward soul without a job who wants to buy a house with no money down and payments of $100/month, do you??

Real Estate Investor Need to Hire Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Investor Need to Hire Virtual Assistant

4. A virtual assistant will improve your lifestyle. When you initially started investing in real estate you had visions of 30 room mansions, exotic sports cars, and bulging bank accounts. You didn’t count on having to find a decent plumber at 3 AM – from 1,000 miles away because your property management company isn’t answering their phone. Until you can get your hands on that mansion you’ll still have time to chase your kids around the yard or just relax.

5. A solid virtual assistant can help you close more deals. There are numerous functions you’re responsible for that just don’t excite you. You know they have to be done in order to move on to the aspects of investing that you live for: locating properties, research areas, doing the cash flow analysis, and turning profits! This is the most compelling reason to embrace your assistant – virtually!

Your virtual assistant can take on as many or as few responsibilities as you choose. You’ll have to invest a little time and effort in training your virtual assistant so they can pull their own weight. A good virtual assistant will be worth many times what you spend. Ben Franklin is credited with coming up with the ‘Rule of 72’ – with proper training the return you’ll reap from your virtual assistant will make the ‘Rule of 72’ look like a cheap penny stock.

Real estate agents attract clients through open houses, marketing strategies, and word-of-mouth. However, as any good salesperson does from time to time, they make ‘cold calls,’ or random phone calls to potential clients. Learning how to use these dreaded conversations to your advantage will improve your sales skills and possibly earn you some new buyers and sellers.

The Right Attitude For Cold Calling

‘Cold calls’ is a somewhat disconcerting term for selling a product, and that name association surely affects agents out there. Instead of referring to these phone calls as cold calls, think about what it really is — a call for leads. Thinking about what you are actually doing by calling people will help you remember your goal of earning new clients.

Having the right kind of attitude is also important before you pick up the phone. While these are sales calls, they are more than that. These calls are an offer for someone to utilize your adept marketing skills and real estate expertise to buy or sell a home. Think about the kind of service that you want to be offered. The person on the other line will be able to tell how much you care when you sound positive, calm and collected in your calls.

Asking Before Selling In Cold Calls

Although it is tempting to launch into all the reasons why this anonymous person should hire you because you are an outstanding agent, it will drive him away. Offering your services is different from imposing them onto someone. Ask if the caller wants to hear more about what you have to say instead of presenting a sales pitch. Using permissive language like ‘if you’d like to hear more’ puts the caller in control and gives him the opportunity to hear you out or hang up.

Positive Real Estate Agent Thinking

After you establish a connection with a caller, stay focused and talk about the purpose of the phone call. If you cannot get someone to respond to your offer, do not start berating yourself. There will always be rude people and you are better off without them as clients. Likewise, those who say no are not rejecting you as a person or your stellar service, but to anything related to real estate.

Compare the ‘no’s’ to the ‘yes’s’ that you get in response and you will see how valuable you really are as an agent. Remember to tell yourself that being especially close to a deal is still a win, as it is better than straight out dismissal. Cold calls can be scary, but with the right attitude and some practice, you can start converting strangers into clients.

How Much Does A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Make?

The cost of a hiring virtual assistant can vary widely depending on location and expertise, but you should expect to pay around $5-$40 per hour for a real estate virtual assistant.

What Does A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

Tasks That a Real Estate VA Can Do. For a real estate business, it is vital to have someone reliable to handle clerical work, manage clients, and organize schedules. Just like any actual, physical assistant, a virtual assistant can do just about anything they do — probably even more, including the tasks below.

What Is Virtual Assistant Philippines?

Virtual Coworker is an offshoring service that provides virtual workers to businesses based in Australia and the USA. Their assistant services recruitment center is based in the Philippines and selects virtual assistants suitable for your industry.